Saturday, 16 January 2016

Happy New Year!

Some Syringe Driver Bags for the Beatson made by Joy at the Village Patchers.

 Roberta has been busy working on little cardigans and blankets for her neice who is expecting a happy event. She will be delighted with these gifts.

I have been working on some baby things for a friend who is looking forward to being a mum again this month.

This was an idea I saw on the internet and was keen to have a go. Would you believe these started out as circles!

Janice has had fun sewing up some more Bunnies to raise funds for the creche where she acts as a volunteer.
The two quilts were made as a donation to Quilts 4 Yorkhill which is sponsored by the Village Patchers. The baby quilt was made for a friend who is about to become a Gran. The quilt is for the new grandchild, not the Gran. I just wanted to clear that up in case any of you were still hung over from the holidays.

 Janet loved the two little hats she made. I loved the flowers! As you can see, Janet is never shy and really wanted to model the two scarves she had completed with King Cole Tinsel. She was planning ahead for next Christmas!

Apologies to Norma who had completed a circular shawl using yarn from Aldi. I swear to God the picture was on my ipad when I started this blog and the aliens must have stolen it! Sorry, Norma.

On January 5th some of our members were desperate for a knit and natter and met in M & S cafe for a catch up. Janice kindly took the photos of the finishes from that night. Above is a kilt pin which was hand made by Anthea. There was another finish but that too seems to have gone AWOL.

Anthea also managed to complete this hand knitted scarf during the Christmas break.

Stephanie likes to keep her box full and had just completed this little hat and jacket. She is still searching for nice buttons to finish the jacket off.

Donna had been working on more Star Wars characters and they are just so adorable. She also exercised the sensible side of her creative brain with this warm red beanie. I bet she knew it would snow!

It would really help me if you could bring your finishes over to be photographed. My knees are acting up....

Elaine is now our Charity Coordinator! That means.......if you have a charity you think the group should support then make your case to Elaine. Last year the group supported FOUR charities at the same time. Some members attempted to do something for  each charity and then suffered a meltdown because they were unable to continue with makes for themselves. Each charity has its merits but I would like to avoid creating such a burden for our members.

As luck would have it, Elaine and some of our members had seen a request for makes for a charity that makes gowns from donated wedding dresses for still born babies. I know this is a rather sad thought but so many of us have been blessed with children and don't realise the grief that some people endure with the loss of a baby. The charity also request knitted hats and bootees. More information to follow.

Sunday, 6 December 2015

Winter Style.

Roberta didn't take much coaxing to model Magda's snood. It looked so cosy! Magda worked the snood in a new yarn she found in Hobbycraft, Sirdar TOUCH.

Magda's sister-in-law is visiting from Poland and Magda thought that she could do with a warm hat to survive the Great British Winter. This one has been worked in Sirdar CLICK chunky.

The two matching hats are for the boys who are still at Primary School and Magda has knitted the hats in the school colours. This time she used Stylecraft SPECIAL dk and put to colours together to create this affect.

Magda couldn't help feeling pleased with herself when she displayed her final finish! This jumper is for herself and it looks fab! It is 17 Shades of Grey! I'm saying nothing. I know that you are probably wondering where the other 33 shades are! It is stunning and ideal for Sunny Glasgow in December.

Fran had a couple of finishes this week. The first is a baby hat and cocoon that she had crocheted for her cousin's wee girl who has a new born doll. The other finish is a cocoon shawl for herself. It looks great and I'm glad to see people taking time to make something for themselves.

Janet made two Christmas Wreaths. She bought the basic shape from Hobbycraft and decorated the blue one with ribbon from her stash and Christmas decorations that she had at home. The second wreath was decorated with ribbon bought in Poundland and other odds and ends. Very professional, Janet!

Norma worked up this dolls pram set very quickly indeed. It is for a friend at work. Below you will see some Christmas bunting. The blue set is for Janet and the second set is for Janet's sister, FLO, Ho Ho Ho!

Bekka recently joined our group and was happy to show us her family of  Elves. Sadly, they are all spoken for and will shortly be going to new homes. The sparkly yarn she found in Poundland. There are bargains out there if you know where to look.

Elaine was the narrator of the Left/Right Stitch N Bitch version of the Night before Christmas. As usual, Elaine had us all in stitches and by the end of the story none of us knew our left from our right! Great fun and a great way to play Pass the Parcel. Well done, Elaine!

Isabel and Roberta organised the eats. Kat made some of her world famous tablet and Bekka made some traditional mince pies which were delicious. Yum!

Tuesday was our last night before Christmas. Magda and Stephanie are organising an emergency crafting session in M & S Cafe on Tuesday 5th January 2016 at 7pm. Those poor souls who have to fit in work around their crafting time will meet in the Management Suite on 12th January 2016 at 7pm.

Annee has asked for volunteers to join a Focus Group at the Fort to discuss their shopping experience at the Fort in the Management Suite on Tuesday 19th January between 6.30pm and 7.30pm. Annee would like between 6 and 10 people to participate. Please remember the Management Team have been very generous to our group by providing such excellent accommodation. Please email your interest to Elaine or let her know the week before if you are interested,

Merry Christmas to you all and may you be healthy, wealthy and wise in 2016.

Happy crafting.

Sunday, 29 November 2015

Winter Fashions

Sharon \bought real Aran yarn when she was in Ireland to knit this amazing coat for herself. The pattern had been her Mum's from long ago. If you keep a thing long enough........A fabulous
coat. Look at the sleeves!

Fee is terribly shy! This wee blanket is loud and full of joy. I love it! A great gift.

I've been watching Jill work on this wee blanket for the last couple of weeks. I would never have thought of using these colours together but they work!  Jill used Stylecraft acrylic. Another great gift!

Elaine looks shattered! She has just completed this HUGE blanket as a Christmas present for someone. Shhh! Its a secret!

Janice is always thinking about her wonderful grandson.Now he has his own personal Christmas stocking. She even knitted the cuff! The Twiddlemuff was for a lady that Lisa knows. These muffs are worth their weight in gold because they provide calm and tranquility to those who need it.

Magda has been experimenting with hand dyeing. It did not turn out as she had hoped but it still looks wonderful. The hat is for herself. Well, it is that time of the year! Chilly!

Isabel has been busy knitting little blue and white things as a gift for a friend! Look at the tiny socks!

Fiona O has been crocheting tiny Christmas trees for some special friends. They will be filled with sweets. Love these little ideas!

Fiona also had time to put some of Lisa's FTLOY yarn to good use. The Infinirty scarf has been worked in Firework!

Roberta has been busy making more squares for blankets for Yorkhill. Well, you know what I mean!

 ......and just when you think you've seen it all, Donna pulls out these characters from Star Wars! Speechless! But in a good way. These are a gift for someone. Brilliant

.......and just when you thought it was all over, Ally sent me some photos of other finishes. The first is a chemo hat for a friend made by Ally.

Izzi used the left over yarn from this hat to crochet three little hats for Preemie babies. Unfortunately, the photo did a disappearing trick while travelling between the ipad and the blog. Sorry, Izzi. xx

Lorraine also made a chemo hat for the same friend. I like the flower! Very fetching!

Ally and her work colleague, Karin, completed some Twiddlemuffs. All very different and facinating for the old people who receive them.

1st December is our Christmas night. If you would like to join the pass the parcel game then bring a gift to the value of £5.

1st December is our last night because the parking situation is manic at the Fort leading up to Christmas.

 Stephanie & Magda will be meeting in M & S cafe on Tuesday 5th of January 2016 if you are free to come along.

12th January 2016 we will meet in the Management Suite as usual.

Just a wee reminder that it would help me a great deal if you could bring me your  finishes to have them photographed.

Happy crafting.