Monday, 17 October 2011

Thank you Annee and Natasha!

 Thank you to Annee who sent us this lovely card. She has promised to try and pay us a visit at some point so we will be looking forward to that.

This was all Rhona's work. She has been trying to use up all her odds and ends and has knitted up a storm. I didn't post pictures of everything there were that many. Check out our facebook page for the rest. Allison was extremely chuffed as she got a lovely, cabled cardigan out of it.

Helen also finished a pair of socks. I think these are for herself although she did also mention that she has promised a few pairs to other people.

I also have a wee hint of what to expect on our craft day. Helen is going to be teaching us to make these cards. If anyone wants to sign up please let Helen know so she has an idea of what to bring with her.

Helen also came up with a good idea for our next challenge. This one will be for the spring. Don't worry we will reveal all as soon as we have thought out the details.

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