Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Sleepover at Gartmore House by Helen Miller

This should have been posted weeks ago. I can only apologise but essays have been interfering with my spare time (the audacity). A few weeks ago a number of the ladies took our annual trip to Gartmore. As I was unable to go Helen kindly wrote the following.

Eee-by-gum! We've just had an exhausting time at GARTMORE HOUSE, which has become our crafting retreat. As usual our much longed for lazy visit went for a burton! Saint Izzy displayed great patience during her sewing tutorial on insering a zip and making a small bag. To our credit each person who participated actually completed a usable little bag.  Sewing machines were employed in varying states of distress and anxiety.  As always, Izzy astounded everyone with her little gems of common sense sewing tips. My little bag came in handy immediately because it was the perfect size for keeping my sock knitting project in.

Everyone had time to devote to their pet projects. Elaine was busy crocheting a circular bed cover. Ali worked on a cardigan using yarn she had purchased at Perth. Caroline was very intent on completing a baby garment. Becky, Karen's Gran, was knitting baby hats for premature babies while Margaret started a top for herself. June flitted between crochet and organising her next cross-stitch project. Isabel was crocheting squares for her blanket whenever she wasn't doing her photo journalist! Alison worked away on her large cross-stitch project. Linda and Izzy spent every minute of their time creating 44 pencil cases for the Shoe Box Appeal (we were exhausted watching them!). Appologies to Roberta because I'm having a senior moment and I just cannot remember what you were working on.

Elaine had made some of her famous cupcakes and gave a demonstration on how to add colour and glitter to icing butterflies. Everyone had a go at this and Isabel, in particular,  amazed us with her outstanding skills as a presenter when she hi-jacked this event!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Is she looking for a job on Blue Peter? The cakes were as usual delicious.

Roberta gave a private crochet tutorial to Caroline who had never mastered crochet before.
I helped Roberta with her scrapbooking.

Some people went crackers!  Yes, they were making CHRISTMAS CRACKERS in May!

Isabel won the wordpower competition - How many words can you make from KNITTING? Alison had the lucky events programme and she won a watch! It was her lucky day because she also won the wordsearch competition. I got the consolation prize! Story of my life!

In-between eating and having tea-breaks some of us had a lovely walk over to Gartmore village and discovered the Black Bull Hotel which has a lovely bar. Isabel and I were lucky  enough to be taken onto the roof of Gartmore House by a member of staff to see the view.
As you can see our time there was busy, eventful and enjoyable. Many thanks to the organisers, Linda and Elaine, for their hard work and enthusiasm. I wonder what next year will bring!

Note From Karen - There are lots more photo's which I promise to post this week. Plus I have photo's from Donna's baby shower last week.

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