Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Groups Donations for Preemie Charity

As promised here is everyone's donations for the preemie charity. There was so much of it we had to layer everything. I then had to photograph it over five images. Elaine is using her hand in the first image to show the size. It's amazing how much everyone enjoyed taking part in this. I can't believe how much we collected. Everyone is so talented. I am thinking that after Christmas we start another charity collection. We can chose the same one or try a different one.

This was handed in on the day by Carole. She had already handed in so much but still found the time to do more. As well as these lovely mint cardigans she also handed some in cream.

This is Janette's contribution. She knitted the lovely colourful blanket and the bear. The little heart the bear is holding was knitting by Aileen (Sunday member who is now coming along on Tuesdays too).

Once again a big thanks to everyone's contribution. It was much appreciated.

In the next few days I will post some finishes members brought along on Tuesday night.

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