Friday, 24 July 2009

Talented Lady

We have a very large and very beautiful finished project to show off this week. The above quilt was completed by Val. It's an underground Railroad Quilt. The squares of quilts general have some kind of meaning but this on is particularly special. Each square represents advice or a direction so that black slaves could find their way to safety. The quilts were hung up on washing lines so that they could be seen. The amount of work Val has put into this is amazing. She has been working on this at home due to the size of it. The second image shows the back of one of the squares. This is so you can see how neat the stitching is. In quilting the back should imitate the front so that it can be used both sides. The last image is of a panel attached to the back of the quilt. It tells the story of the quilt. If you click on the image and then enlarge you should be able to read it. During the actual evening Val continued to work on the Japanese quilt squares.

This lovely baby blanket was knitted by Gillian. The pattern is fairly simple in order to show off the colours. Believe it or not the yarn used is self striping which gives the blanket it's lovely effect. It hasn't been knitted for anyone in particular. Gillian spent the evening working on a lovely crochet wave blanket.

This crochet blanket was done by Jennifer. The blanker was made for a friend of Jennifer's who is expecting. It is reversible too. She spent the evening working on a lovely cardigan in purple. Jennifer joined the group a few weeks back. She is a friend of Laura's and heard about the group through her.

Sock lady Ginnie knitted the above sets of baby socks. These are a gift for her God daughters, daughter. She has done three sets of these in three different sizes. I think the way they are packaged just sets it off. The wrapping is actually meant for cards. You can buy packs of them in hobbycraft. Once again Ginnie was caught knitting something other than socks. She started a baby jumper for the same person. She was using sock wool mind you.

We had some new projects on the go this week. Janette was working on a lovely quilted cushion cover. She actually finished the quilting part during the evening and just needed to sew it together. Carole was also working on a quilting project. This was a blanket with an American theme. It also looked like she would finish it soon. Aileen was working on a lovely beaded necklace. With some luck I will get a photo of one of her finished projects to show off. Helen was working on a lovely summery jacket. She is taking a break from the throw as it's too warm to have sitting on her lap whilst knitting. Isobel was working on socks. Ginnie had taught her how to knit them and so she was working on her first pair for her baby grandson. June was working on a flowery cross stitch pattern. She had this one in the car which was lucky as she didn't have time to pick up the sheep she had been working on previously. Linda was working on a scarf for the shoe box charity. Elaine was sewing together squares of the pink throw she is working on for her daughter. She decided to do this ,although she has more squares to knit, to see the effect. I was working on a bright blue pair of socks.

I had planned on doing member of the month starring Janette next week. However, I will be unable to make it due to work. I promise to have it done for the following week. The following month we will have Val and then Gillian. Also watch this space for an announcement for the next challenge. Ginnie has already given out the information sheets. I will post that info here over the next few days.

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