Monday, 12 October 2009


Again apologies for my absence. I blame work for keeping me away. I did miss one evening but have yet to upload images from my camera from the last one. I can show you these photo's though. Magdalena brought along little slippers she knitted for Adam. I would have taken some photo's of them myself but she had taken the ones above and I couldn't resist asking her to send me a copy. How cute are they? The yarn is lovely and soft and they are sure to keep him warm. As you can see Adam has been taught by us all well. How to pose with lovely knew knitted items.

I have a few more finishes but I will add them to the post from this weeks get together. I can tell everyone though that the items we all made for premature babies have been handed in. The Princess Royal Maternity hospital has a unit for premature babies and it was handed in to them two weeks ago. They were very grateful and happy to receive the items. Thanks everyone for all your hard work.

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