Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Our little group not so little

Our Helen was back and without her crutches. Great she is feeling better. Although her daughter, Laura, is still unwell. We all send our best wishes Laura. Helen knitted the above scarf and finished it off on the night. The yarn is so pretty. Would wear this on a night out. She has finished her throw but has just to stitch it together.

How pretty is this jumper? Magdalena knitted this for her little girl. I love rainbow stripes in knitting and it looks lovely on this jumper. Magdalena was worried that her little girl will quickly grow out of it but I'm sure Adam will be wearing it in a few years.

Another lovely finish done on the night. This is the throw Elaine has been working on for her daughter. It will look lovely in a girls room. Plus the yarn is so soft and pretty.

Donna brought along her cross stitch all finished and framed. Looks so pretty in its frame. This is going to a friend of Donna's who is expecting. Donna was next working on a cross stitch bookmark.
Our little group has grown quite a bit over the last month. We have had maybe five or six new members who seem to be coming regularly. I thought it was time to add some group photo's. The above photo doesn't really show how large our group is since we were missing five members but we still were struggling for space in our little corner.

The last photo shows how much we help each other out. Donna and Roberta are helping out Dawn Marie with her blanket. Help like this happens on a regular basis. There is always someone there who can give a hand when stuck. We have a couple of members who started coming along because they needed a help with a project or wanted to learn something new. It's nice to see and a shame I don't get to photograph it very often.

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