Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Lots of New Members

We had four new members last week. First of all we had two sisters Aileen and Sheena. They are both cross stitchers and had brought along their stitching projects. Both are also planning their weddings. Sheena did the above project which she brought along for us to see. The detail in it is amazing and the stitching is beautifully neat. We also had Allison who is also a stitcher. She is a friend of Joyce and Roberta's and had brought along a stitching project of her own to work on. Last but not least we had Dawn Marie who is a knitter. She is a beginner to intermediate and plans to do some baby knitting to get back into it again.

It has been Gillian's month for finishes and she brought along the above two projects to show us. She finished the stripey baby set she had been working on. The colours really go well together. She is in working on a second set which someone requested after seeing the above. The second photo is of some beading she recently finished. It only took her about an hour to do. Thanks to Aileen I think she is addicted.

Donna also finished the soft toys she had been working on. They are from a pattern in an issue of "Simply Knitting". They turned out really well and are so soft and cuddly. They are to be a gift for a friend who is expecting. Which is a shame as I had my eye on the caterpillar. On Tuesday she was working on a cross stitch project which she came across when going through her stash. She was having a tidy out and when she found it decided to pick it up again.

I apologise that this is so late. Will do better next time and will have more updates on everyones projects.

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