Thursday, 20 August 2009


Louise had a little boy this morning. She called him Fraser James. How cool is that name?


dawnmarieg said...

Hi, I came across your group advertised in the 'Let's get crafting quick knits' magazine and cannot tell you how pleased I am that I've managed to find a knitting group in the East End of Glasgow, it seemed to be a luxury for the trendy West End only lol. Anyhoo, I'm a beginner intermediate knitter and would love to improve my skills. I would love to join your group, is there an entry fee or anything I have to bring. Thanks Dawn Marie.xx

Karen said...

Hi Dawn Marie,

All you have to do is come along. There is no entry fee at all we all just get together, have a coffee and a natter. There is also usually an expert on hand to help out any beginners. You would be more than welcome to come along (the group love new people joining). Hope I'll see you there.#