Monday, 17 August 2009

More Beading

All of the above pictures are the work of Gillian who just learned to bead a few weeks ago. I think she must have joined Aileen's beading group as the last image is a kit her group makes up. I know a few others in the group took an interest so it will be interesting to see how they get on too.

Other than Gillian's lovely bead work there were no other finishes. I had brought my crochet along which is a long term project. Ginnie was working on a pair of socks using lovely self striping yarn. It's her last order and plans to do some quilting next. Roberta was working on a cream cardigan for a neighbour. Joyce was working on a lovely tank top for herself. Margaret was working on her tank top. Aileen was flipping between some beading and a pair of socks. Gillian was working on a lovely baby set. She's in the process of trying to use up some of her yarn stash. Elaine was working on squares for her daughter's throw. Linda was working on a scarf. She saw a scarf she liked and it trying to imitate the pattern. June was working on some stitching. She also had a friend along with her who was doing some embroidery. Carole was working on Japanese squares. Val was working on her Hunting Star quilt. Janette was working on her fleece quilt for the car. Magdalena was working on the top for Adam (who is now too mobile to join us). Monika was working on her crochet bag. Helen was working on her throw. And lets not forget Laura who was back last week after weeks away due to work. She was working on a lovely dusky pink blanket using Tunisian crochet.

Louise was unable to join us as she is nearing her due date. We might have some news there soon.
We also might have another announcement for you at tomorrow's get together. It involves a celebration of our 2nd birthday next year.

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