Thursday, 6 August 2009

A lot of teaching!

Last week Aileen gave a beading demonstration. You can see some of her beaded jewellery above. Most of which follows the same pattern. You can see the effect though of combining colours. The last image is of a bracelet she made for Roberta.
Gillian was one of the group watching the demonstration and she made the above bracelet. On Tuesday night she was working on her second one which looked almost finished.

Isabel has also been learning how to knit socks. Ginnie has been helping her out the past few weeks. Here is her first pair of baby socks which are going to her grandson when he comes over for a visit. She is currently working on another pair.

This is more of Gillian's work. I think Gillian mastered sock knitting a while back. Here is a lovely lacey pair which she knitted from her own hand spun wool. As well as being pretty they feel lovely and soft.

Val and Janette have also been teaching. Before she went on holiday Magdalena was taught quilting by Val and Janette. This is her first attempt which is a lovely quilt for Adam. You can see Adam posing with it in the second photo. Probably the only moment he sat still as he is now on his feet and climbing.

On Tuesday there was more teaching going on. Linda and Elaine were being taught to crochet by Donna. You can see the demonstration going on in the above two photo's.

There was a lot of crochet that night. Donna was using a baby blanket she was working on to show Linda and Elaine how to crochet. June was also working on a crochet blanket for her expected first grandchild. Roberta was working on a pram cover in lovely shades of white and purple. I had my learner piece back out which is turning into a throw. Ginnie was back onto the socks and was working on a pair for a friend using noro yarn. Margaret was working on her top using happy yarn. Helen was working on her blanket. Magdalena was working on a top for Adam. Monika was working on a bag (also using crochet). Aileen was working on socks and getting hints and tips from Ginnie. Carole was working on some quilting squares. Val was working on her hunting star quilt. Last but not least Janette was working on a fleece quilt for her car. She was attaching patches she had collected over the years.

Speaking of Janette, I also carried out her interview which I will post in the next few days. So look out or that.

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