Monday, 14 September 2009


Lots of pretty finishes this week. First of all here we have June who is showing the lovely necklace she commissioned Aileen to make for her. It went very well with what June was wearing at the time which was a nice touch. Aileen has also finished a pair of socks which you can see over at the Glasgow Central blog (link is at the right hand side). She is now working on another pair of socks. June had brought a little cat cross stitch to work on.

Margaret is showing off her pink jacket which she finished a while back but was just able to bring it in to show. It knitted up lovely in double moss stitch. She spent the evening working on her top using blue happy wool. This is her Tuesday evening project. At home she has been spending her time working on her autumn challenge which is almost finished.

This is Allison's third week at the stitching group. She had been stitching the above lovely cross stitch which she finished on the night it was photographed. I was told to photograph it while I can as her mum steels all of her finished cross stitch pieces. She then moved on to another piece of cross stitch.

Another fairly busy evening. Our little group is not so little anymore. We were missing a few people but you wouldn't know it from looking at numbers. Isabel and Val are both in the States. Isabel is currently visiting with her grand kids. Val is visiting her brother and going to a few quilting events. I am sure she will come back with lots of stories. Poor Helen has twisted her knee so was unable to come along. Louise of course is with her new born. Although she has promised to come back once settled.

I can now officially announce our birthday plans. We are hoping to go on a knitting weekend retreat. We will be going to Gartmore House which provides groups with a large room to work in. It's also on some lovely grounds should people decide to need a break and take a walk. The dates we are hoping to book are 8-9th May or the 15-16th May. I will need to know as soon as possible which dates are best for people so that we don't lose the opportunity. If you haven't already done so please pass your slips on to me. If you don't have one then let myself or Ginnie know.

Just a reminder of our autumn challenge. I know that a number of people have started already (unfortunately I am not one of those). A couple are even close to finishing. Show date is Tuesday November 10th. Looking forward to seeing how everyone interprets celebration.

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The Sock Lady said...

Hi guys,
so sorry my attendance has been patching things are hotting up on the work from now the Universities are back from the long vacation. I was delighted to see so manynew faces the last time I was with you, and also the variety of projects now being worked on. What a talented bunch we are. If anyone needs a copy of the flyer for either the Autumn challenge or the proposed 2nd birthday weekend, please let me know. I do hope to be with you tomorrow.

Best wishes,