Thursday, 21 January 2010

A day for Crochet

Crochet has been on the rise in popularity over the last six months and Donna has been our guru for most of it. Here she is having finished her lemon baby blanket. We have all been admiring it as she has worked on it between other projects over the last few months. I love the pattern. She has also taught Elaine, Linda and Isabel how to crochet. Watching her crochet has also encouraged myself and Margaret to learn too. Dawn Marie is also a fellow crocheter and has used Donna's expertise from time to time. We even have a new member, Josephine, who brought along a crochet blanket she is working on.

This is Monika with the mouse she started last week. Her name is Matilda and she demanded a red bow which Monika made for her on Tuesday night. Monika's sun has suggested that Matilda is given a family of about 12 but Monika has decided to move on to make other toys.

I posted a photo of Dawn Marie's mum the other week with her finished scarf. Not happy with it she decided to unravel it and do it again. Now it's much longer and she is much more happy with it.

I also have a correction to make. Elaine is knitting a scarf for her daughter but not in white. It's deep purple. Not sure how I managed to mix that up as it's quite a vibrant purple. Once she has finished the scarf she is going to add some beading. Linda was working on a top using the same sparkly purple yarn from last week. Helen decided to redo her second sock and so was working on a baby cardigan instead for a friend of the family. She finished it on Tuesday but just needs to add buttons. Margaret was working on her white sampler blanket and brought along some of her finished squares to show everyone. Ginnie was working on red and black socks which she is hoping to finish in time to give out this week. Alison was working on a cross stitch kit of a train. All that needs done is the backstitch which she hates doing. It's the only thing she is bringing along with her so that she does it (was a Christmas present for her dad). Dawn Marie was working on a scarf using crofter yarn which looks like fair isle all knitted up. I was working on a purple throw for my sister.

As I mentioned before Ginnie, our sock lady, is member of the month. I will post her interview later this week.

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