Thursday, 22 April 2010

58 Squares and Counting!

Not a lot of finishes this week. Most people are working on large projects just now. We did have one though. Ginnie knitted this lovely rose pin. She knitted this especially for Linda for taking part in this years moonwalk. The moonwalk takes place every year in Edinburgh and raises money for breast cancer. Our Linda will be one of the many women taking part on June 19th. She has said that if people make things to attach to her bra for the event she will wear them. The rose is her first one so far. So if you want to make her something she will appreciate it. Linda also has her sponsor sheet with her at all times should anyone like to donate a little money.

Speaking of charity, I will be sending the first batch of squares away this week. I decided to bring them all along so everyone could see all the squares knitted so far. We have an astounding 58 which is brilliant considering we have been knitting them for two months. Plus there are about four members who have a collection of squares still to bring in (they will be sent away in July along with any others collected). The lovely Joyce is unable to knit squares at the moment. It's too much strain on her hands. Instead she donated 12 balls of lovely striping DK yarn. They were handed out to others in the group who will use them to make more squares. It was very generous of her to donate it as this yarn looks lovely knitted up.

Quite a few people were working on the squares on the night. June, Isabel, Monika and Roberta were all knitting/crocheting squares at some point. Roberta was also working on a scarf. She has been commissioned to knit/crochet 11 for someone who wants to give them out as gifts. She is now onto scarf 9. I bet it will be a while after that before she will want to knit another one. Joyce was working on the edging for a shawl. Donna was working on a tatty ted cross stitch. The design is a wedding one and is for herself as she will be married in July. Dawn Marie was working on a baby blanket. Knitted rather than crochet this time. Alison was working on her cross stitch. It turns out it's not just of a house but has birds round the edging. Ginnie was working on a pair of socks using a lovely yarn by tofutsies. She finished the beige socks and the green ones she had been putting off. No photo though as they have been wrapped up to go to her niece in Tasmania. Stephanie was knitting some baby hats and Ada was knitting some baby shoes. Margaret was working on her second pair of socks (Ginnie was very proud). Magdalena was knitting her beautiful green shawl. Elaine was working on her lovely white wrap and Linda was knitting a scarf for her shoe box charity (also in white). If anyone would like to knit hat, scarf and glove sets for the shoe box charity I am sure Linda would happily take them.

On Tuesday the last of the Gartmore payments were made. The last cheque will be handed over this week. This makes our little weekend away seem more official. I am still deciding what project I want to take along. Does anyone else know what they are taking?

Ginnie now has next months newsletter just about ready. She is still looking for articles on future newsletters. If you enjoy other crafts and would like to write something about them just let her know. Or if you have an article in mind about knitting or even a book review I am sure Ginnie would be happy to receive them.

Lastly, I interviewed Joyce on Tuesday. She is Aprils member of the month. So look out over the next few days for our speed knitters' interview.

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