Tuesday, 13 April 2010

New members show what they can do!

If you remember new member Stephanie came along in order to learn how to crochet. Whilst she is a beginner in crochet she certainly isn't when it comes to knitting. All of the above photo's are her work. She had much more with her but was shy in showing off her work. With the help of Linda I sneakily took some of these photo's. Stephanie was working on a lovely babies hooded, one piece coat in the shape of a bear. She was using pink and red chunky yarn rather than the snowflake as shown in the pattern.

Josephine joined us a couple of months ago now. She came along also to get some help with her crochet. Last week she brought along some of her recent finishes. She did both gorgeous blankets and added the ribbon and motifs. The lovely crochet cardigan is for her niece and it's her first attempt at this type of project. Josephine was working on another crochet blanket.

Donna finished her fingerless mitts on the night. The pattern is from a magazine and called for the use of striping sock yarn. Donna wanted to keep her sock yarn for her sock knitting lessons from Ginnie on our weekend away. So instead she used this lovely pale gray yarn. It really brings out the pattern of the lace.

Ginnie has also been busy. In her determination to use up some of yer sock yarn stash she knitted these socks for her niece. Funnily enough she was working on another pair of socks (whilst putting off a green pair she started a while back because she doesn't like the colour).

We also had another lovely finish from Dawn Marie. She crocheted this lovely baby blanket using self striping yarn. This uses quite small stitches but Dawn still managed to finish it in no time.

We also got another large pile of squares. These were from Elaine, Roberta and Alison. Ginnie mentioned that a magazine has asked for squares to be sent in. Those who donate could win a prize. I found the article in Knit Today and the squares are actually being sent to the same charity that we are sending ours to. Ginnie thought we could send off what we have done so far to the magazine so that our group has a chance to win some prizes. So, tonight I will get a list of yarn types people are using and pick up any others that have been done before sending them away. I will also attach a letter (and possibly a photo) with some info about our knitting group.

In case you missed it last week Ginnie has produced our second news letter. Lots of good items in there. There is an article by Donna describing the crochet class she will be giving at Gartmore, an article by Linda describing the moon walk she will be taking part in, a book review from myself and an article from Ginnie describing her stash addiction.

Oh, we did have one more finish. Elaine knitted a lovely teddy bear for Linda's shoe box charity. She made the pattern up herself. I did take a photo but it's too blurry to post. Which is a shame as it really was lovely.

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