Friday, 26 March 2010

Knit a Square Tips from June.

Val brought along a quilting piece she has just finished. It's a glass window design based on Rennie Macintosh which is truly stunning. She spent the evening working on her Japanese quilting.

Monika was back after her visit to Poland and she brought in with her a lovely tea cosy which she stitched. During the get together Monika worked on squares for our charity.

This beautiful baby cardigan was done by Ada. Again she was just using up her left over yarn. She also had another baby cardigan which just needed some flowers stitched on it. The rest of the evening was spent knitting squares for our charity.

The hat, scarf and gloves were knitted by Elaine for Linda's shoe box charity. It's a pity the photograph doesn't show up the lovely sparkles. Elaine used up the rest of the yarn to knit some squares.

Not a finish but I had to take a photo and show it off. Aileen brought with her an unusual cross stitch kit. It will eventually make a door stop. Once it has been stitched it is filled with rice. Can't wait to see it finished although it might be a bit too heavy to bring in.

We all like to see what others are working on. If it is something a little bit different we especially take an interest. The above photo shows Monika and Magdalena being shown Val's Sashiko squares.

Here you can see Donna teaching new member Stephanie to crochet squares. Stephanie has finished the crochet edging round the baby cardigan she was knitting. She just needs some ribbon to finish it off and then will bring it in for a photo. Donna was working on crochet squares for the charity and using it to teach Stephanie.

Last week I mentioned that June suggested knitting the squares in diamonds. It gives a better edging and means you don't have to worry about tension. Here you can see June knitting two squares at the same time. She would do three if the needles were long enough.

I decided to give this method a go and photograph how you measure the 8". Start off with one stitch then increase to two. After that increase at the start of every row until the bottom edge is 8" (as shown above) and then being decreasing at the start of every row.

Here are a couple of photo's of all the squares we received over the last few weeks. Quite a few people were knitting them on Tuesday night. Myself, Janette, Margaret, Helen, Elaine, Linda, Ada, June, Donna and Monika all had squares on the pins.

Lastly we have a celebrity in our midst. Donna has had a photo and letter printed in this months Simply knit. I will scan in both at some point over the next few days so that everyone can see.

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