Saturday, 13 March 2010

Something New

These lovely bed socks were knitted by Linda. Unfortunately you can't see the rib pattern due to the angle of the camera. However, this makes them look like they will be extra cosy and comfy. Also our Janette suggested you can mix and match. Linda was working on a scarf for her shoe box charity.

Another pair of socks but these ones were knitted up by Ginnie. The pretty yarn is by Panda and is made of Soy. They are beautifully soft. Ginnie was working on another pair of socks in the same yarn but this time in green.

This lovely little girls cardigan was knitted by Ada. Again as a way of using up her yarn stash. The buttons are actually from the Early Learning Centre and very much suit the cardigan.
This scarf was also done by Ada. She was watching a craft TV show which showed how to make a scarf or trim using a loop method. It was a piece of wood with to columns at each end. The yarn was wrapped round the columns in a figure of eight pattern five times then secured before repeating. Once finished you shake out the loops and get something similar to this. Ada didn't have the product the TV show were advertising but wanted to try it out so instead used a dolls high chair. It made for a lovely effect.

Our Val was back which was lovely to see. She was working on a Japanese Shashiko quilt. The square she was working on was in a beautiful bright blue and the stitching was in white which really stood out. Donna finished her first fingerless glove and then made a start on the second. Look forward to seeing it finished as the pattern is lovely. Isabel was working on a lovely scarf. Julia was working on her pink top. Helen and Laura were working on squares for our charity. Alison was working on her cross stitch of a house. It's quite a big design but you can really see it growing each week. Joyce was working on a baby cardigan (told you she would have finished the shawl, sadly she didn't bring it along for a photo). Janette was working on a lovely quilt for her foster niece. I was working on a pair of socks.

Next week I will be interviewing Donna for our February member of the month.

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