Friday, 19 March 2010

Quiet Night

Linda came in with a finished scarf done in a lovely fluffy yarn. She is now looking for a hat pattern to use with the rest of the yarn. If anyone has any ideas let us know.

I finished the sparkly socks I had been working on and the throw for my sister. The yarn for the socks is by Paton's and is called Morocco. There are about five colourways but John Lewis holds this one and a lovely pink. I was then working on another pair of socks. This time in green and for a friend.

It was a fairly quiet night. Val, Carol and Janette go to the quilting gathering every third Tuesday of the month which was Tuesday there. Julia's husband is a photographer and he was out in the Trossachs. Being such a lovely day of course Julia went with him. Dawn Marie and her mum Moira were also not there as Moira has a chest infection. Hopefully she will get well soon. And our Monika was visiting in Poland.

We did though have a new member who has promised to come along again next week. Stephanie is a knitter and was knitting a lovely yellow child's cardigan. She decided to come along as the border was to be done in crochet and wasn't sure how to do it. Donna, our crochet guru, was more than happy to help out.

Donna, between lessons, was working on her second fingerless glove. Isabel was working on a lovely scarf. Elaine was also working on a scarf in a sparkly deep pink. Magdalena was working on a sweater for Adam. She managed to get most of the second side done that night. Joyce was working on a baby blanket. Lots of babies in the family are due. Roberta was working on a baby cardigan. Alison was working on her cross stitch of a house. Sheena was working on her cross stitch of a Geisha girl. Aileen was working on a cross stitch of a teddy bear. Ginnie was working on a pair of socks in lovely oranges, blues and greens. Margaret was working on baby mitts and bootees.

June was working on squares for the charity. She is doing hers a little different than the others which is actually a great idea. Instead of casting on all 42 stitches and knitting straight up she casts on one and increases. Basically knitting in a diamond shape. I am going to try this out myself and then post some more information on it.

This months member of the month is Donna. I will be posting her interview in the next few days.

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