Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Ellen's baby shower!

For those of you who don't know Ellen runs the Starbucks we meet up in. She kindly gave us some space when we needed to find somewhere new. When we heard she was expecting we jumped at the chance to hold a baby shower for her. From Roberta she received a lovely baby cardigan.

Joyce knitted some lovely baby sets.

Margaret knitted a lovely hooded baby jacket.

Helen created a lovely baby album using her scrapbook skills.

Stephanie knitted a baby set and Ellen loved how soft the yarn felt.

Julia gave a lovely baby blanket.

From Linda Ellen received some lovely bath toys.

Elaine made her famous baby toys and hat and mitts set.

Of course Janette made her famous quilted dog which was named Toto.

From Magdalena she receive some very cute baby toys.

From Monika Ellen received baby toys and bibs.

There was also gifts from myself, Val, Aileen and Isabel but unfortunately the photographs of those were a little to dark. I think it was a safe bet that Ellen had a lovely time. She said to tell everyone just how chuffed she was with everyone's generosity.

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