Thursday, 12 August 2010

Hello from Monika and Aileen's Wedding

Monika emailed us some fantastic photo's and a little message from Poland. I got permission to post some of them here. How lovely does her new home look?

This is the view from her balcony and the wild Strawberries grow near here. Monika spent the first few days with her friend and they all went swimming in the nearby lake (definitely not recommended here in Scotland). Sounds like Jan is having a ball too. She has promised to keep us updated and send us more photo's which I will post here. I know Monika mentioned the possibility of her own blog once settled so as soon as it's up and running I promise to also link it to this one.

Another email was sent out and this time from Sheena with some pictures of Aileen's wedding. She looks absolutely stunning and they all had a wonderful day.

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