Sunday, 13 March 2011


Only one finish to show on Tuesday. Margaret knitted this sweet baby cardigan for a friend in work. I love the cables. She finished this on the night and went straight onto another baby cardigan.

Helen also finished another book cover using the same material as the first one. She made this one at the request of Stephanie and has more to make for Elaine. Unsurprisingly her book covers are proving popular.

There was a lot of teaching going on. All of which was done by Isobel. She taught Elaine and Linda how to crochet hats. In the photo above she is teaching Isabel to crochet little squares. Isabel is working on a blanket and trying to make each square different. I did try to get more photo's of all the lessons going on but Isobel caught me.

In regards to Isabel's crochet blanket she has a request. If you have any unwanted 4ply yarn (doesn't have to be huge amounts as the squares are only little) she will gladly take them off your hands.

Another big thanks to the Glasgow Fort team who gave us bags of boxes for our charity.

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