Friday, 25 March 2011


Our Val has created a quilting monster. Having taught Helen how to quilt a table runner she is now onto her first quilt. This is Helen and Val pinning it.

Alison had suggested using light up knitting needles to help with dark yarn. We were all fascinated by it so she brought in her own set to show us. You can get them online here.

Stephanie finished this lovely baby cardigan with matching hat, mitts and booties. The white and silver ribbon really sets it off. She is working on another set.

Isobel had a finish on Tuesday. She finished knitting up a cardigan for her partner. She said it had been a while since she had knitted him anything. He picked out the colour himself. It really does look cosy and Isobel is looking forward to pinching it.

How many times have I mentioned our speedy knitter Joyce and how many finishes have I actually been able to show? I could probably count those finishes on one hand as she usually has them sent away and onto something else before the following week. This time we were in luck She brought along some baby cardigans and jumpers that needed buttons sewn on. They were being sent away the next day so I too the chance to photograph them whilst I could. I love them all but my favourite is the waistcoat.

As you all now know Aileen and her husband are expecting their first baby. This means that we get to hold a baby shower. Having checked dates I can now let you know that it will take place on Tuesday 2nd August. Aileen is also this months MOTM so look out for her interview over the next few days.

We also have another baby shower. Annee who helps us out at the fort is also expecting and we are having a baby shower for her on the 7th June.

Congratulations Annee and Aileen.

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