Sunday, 3 April 2011

Aileen - March MOTM

1. Tell us about yourself. I am 26 and a dentist. I have been married 8 months and we are expecting our first baby in September. I like to travel and holidays but I think those days are over now.

2. How did you learn to cross stitch? I was given starter kits in primary school for Christmas and Birthdays. Mum did cross stitch and so I started on kids kits and worked my way up. I just learned to crochet on the Gartmore weekend. 3. What is your proudest finish? My dolphins as it took me seven years to finish. I finished just before I started coming along here.

4. What is your biggest disaster? Normally I manage to cover mistakes. When I run out of colours I tend to substitute it. With the dolphins I ran out of one shade of blue and I just used one of the others. 5. What other crafts do you do? I make cards at Christmas time. My mum does a lot of card making professionally. She has her own business so sends me kits. I also like scrapbooking.

6. List of favourites. yarn - I like stripey yarn. I love anything stripey. designs - Rennie Macintosh. I like patterns rather than pictures of teddies and kittens. shop - hobbycraft online store - I tend to search for specific thing rather than stick to certain stores. colours - mixture of blue, purple and turquoise. craft book - "yeah, I made it myself". It's good for clothes and bags. 7. What would you like to achieve? I would like to finish my baby blanket. I would also like to do more crochet as I find it quick and easy. I would like to do more for the nursery and baby.

8. What do you like to watch or listen to whilst crafting? I like relocation, place in the sun, escape to the country and dinner date. I like any programme with houses. 9. What advice would you give beginners? Keep it simple. Chose a patter or yarn you are excited about. You are more likely to finish than give up half way through.

10. What non craft books do you like? I have started reading a lot of crime thrillers. CSI type autopsy books. It takes your mind off the excitement of having a baby.

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