Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Something new!

Caroline is (reluctantly) showing off her new jacket. It was published in one of the magazines and Caroline instantly fell in love with it. Of course it had to be purple. It was knitted by Alison who did an amazing job.

Dawn finished crocheting this lovely, rainbow baby blanket. I love all the different colours. Not sure I would have loved sewing in all the ends as much but it looks amazing.

Moira finished her can can scarf. It looks lovely. I am sure those colours are brighter than the photograph makes them out to be.

Isobel also had a finished. She knitted this beautiful cardigan for a friends grand daughter.

Caroline was working on something a little but different. Knitted Jewellery (in purple). It's knitted with wire and beads. Looks pretty effective and doesn't scratch the skin as you would expect wire to. Can't wait to see it finished.

Tonight our group will be celebrating the fact that we have been running for three years. Like last year we are having a swap night and I will be bringing along some of my cookies.

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