Friday, 15 April 2011

Spring Challenge '11

I am finally posting about our challenge. Warning, this one is picture heavy. This years spring challenge was called "All About Me" which was inspired by Dawn's crafting resolution to knit for herself for a change. Participants had to make something that said something about them, was something that was just for themselves or something they had always wanted to try. There were two categories - adapted from a pattern and original. These Hexagon socks were knitted by myself. This year I decided to challenge myself to knitting a pair of socks every month. Those socks would be for myself. For the challenge I decided to chose my April socks. I picked the Hexagon pattern as it was something I had long wanted to try but hadn't quite got the nerve to. Definitely challenged my sock knitting skill. I used Riga sock yarn.

Margaret picked this pattern from a cross stitch magazine. Next to "All our Yesterdays" the "Country Companions" are her favourite. This one says something about her because she loves the flowers in her garden. She used 14 count Aida and anchor threads.

Another entry from Margaret. She has knitted this piece before but she had always wanted to knit it with the wool the pattern suggested. She chose pink because she liked the colour. It was knitted with brushed DK. The buttons and the beads are pearl.

These bugs were knitted by Suzanna and are part of a set of four (these particular two are mummy and daddy bug). This is Suzanna's second knitting project after finishing her scarf and the first one she has done following a pattern. She used a knitting kit from Hobbycraft.

Linda made this needle roll as she wanted to make something for herself and something she could use every Tuesday when she came to the group. It is very much her as she likes to be organised. She used cotton, wadding and her sewing machine.

Helen created this scrapbook of her month long visit to Australia. It was a holiday of a life time and she wanted something to remember from it. She used scrapbook materials and of course her photographs.

Elaine made these edible flowers. This is her as she is always baking and looking for something new to do - a right challenge. She used a glass case, lace paper, lollipop sticks, cookies, fondant, food colouring, edible glitter and oasis.

Isobel quilted this knitting back because she is always making things for someone else - time to make something for herself! She used cotton, batting and her sewing machine.

Caroline knitted this hot water bottle cover. It is made for her as she is cold in the wither. It will hopefully bring the summer sun feeling when it's cold, dark and wet.....or even in July. Those who know Caroline will understand why the elements in the picture represent her. She used snowflake and DK yarn, ribbon, beads and buttons.

Stephanie knitted these cakes. She did this just for fun and everyone in the group knows that is definitely her. She used yarn, beads, ribbons, bows and stuffing.

This shawl was knitted by Donna. She spent a lot of time before Christmas making gifts for others. In the New Year she decided 2011 was the year of 'me'. More knitted/crocheted gifts for myself. She started early in the New Year and finished it in a relatively short time. She now wears it regularly. She used drops of Alpaca and knitted with with fab new needles she treated herself with. The pattern was found on ravelry called "Holden Shawlette".

All our entries together.
Our lovely judges Alison and Roberta who volunteered (were bribed with wine) to make the difficult decisions.

First winner chosen was Suzanna who won in the junior category for her lovely knitted bugs.

In the adapted category Stephanie won for her yummy looking knitted cakes.

In the original category Linda won for her amazing needle roll (which also has a place for sewing needles and knitting patterns).

Last but not least our runner up was Caroline for her summer-like hot water bottle.

Well done everyone and well done to our judges who had the daunting task of choosing. Glad it wasn't me.

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