Thursday, 25 August 2011

Scarf Weather!

If you remember a few months back we had a fantastic day of crafting. One of the things we learned to do was make Japanese folded bags. Alison took hers home and finished it off. I love the ribbon she has used. It really sets off the Christmas fabric and adds an extra sparkle. She spent Tuesday working on her bird cross stitch. She is also however, trying her hadn't at something else we learned that day. Japanese folded quilting. It's proving to be quite popular.

Elaine has also been busy working away on knitting scarves for her craft fairs. I don't know if you can see it in the photo but she added crystals and accents to the first two scarves. The scarves were already lovely without them but they now have a bit of glam.

We also had another knew member. We would like to welcome Rhona (yes, a second Rhona). She actually came along the week before just to get some information but came back this week and brought her knitting with her. She is knitting a jacket for her dog. The pattern is from a lovely book which the rest of the group admired.

On Tuesday we held a baby shower for Aileen who is expecting her first baby. She is due in three weeks. I got lots of great photo's and I will post them over the weekend.

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