Sunday, 7 August 2011

Five Minutes of Fame!

Hobbycraft like to have examples of various crafts on display. I have always admired them and it's a good way of getting some inspiration. I did a double take when I was in there a few weeks ago though. They had a display of scrapbook pages and they featured our knitting group. I know you have already seen the photo's themselves but here they are if they were being put in a scrapbook.

We also had a couple of birthdays a few weeks ago. Our Roberta turned 66 (doesn't look a day over 21). Elaine baked and decorated this amazing cake. Sadly Elaine failed to tell us that it was her birthday too.

Margaret has been busy working away on baby clothes for a friend. She managed to finish quite a few more the past week. The baby isn't due for another few months and these cardigans will be perfect for the weather round about then.

Elaine has been crocheting away. She made another large granny square blanket. She used self striping yarn which had an interesting effect on the blanket.

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