Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Gartmore at Home the Final

The last demonstration of the day was Helen showing us how to make Japanese folded bags. I don't know if you remember me posting some photo's of bags that Helen made a few weeks back. They are a fantastic way of making little bags to use for presents. That's if you can give them away.

I apologise that the photo's aren't too clear. Helen brought in some pre-cut triangles of fabric. You need two pieces and they must be equilateral triangles. You stitch the pieces together and then stitch down each of the corners. You then sew up the sides, add some ribbon and you have a little bag. It really is very effective and Helen was fantastic at showing us all how to do it.

You can see here that a few of the group had a turn. The sewing of the sides had to be done at home as we ran out of time but by then it was all pinned up and easy to finish.

These are bags that myself and Margaret made after Saturdays class. I think we will be seeing more of these over the next few weeks.

I think Saturday was a big hit and we are already planning on another for October. This time with a Christmas theme.

I just want to say a HUGE thank you to Carol, Isobel and Helen who all gave up their time to give these demonstrations. The amount of prep they put into it before hand alone would have been time consuming. We all appreciated it.

Also a thank you to the Glasgow Fort management who let us use the room on a Saturday.

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