Monday, 25 July 2011

Gartmore at Home Part 2

One of the demonstrations we had on Saturday was on Japanese Folded quilting. Carol is an expert on quilting in general and has taught classes and been interviewed in magazines. We all appreciated her giving us this demonstration and it was fantastic. First of all she showed us an example of one little square.

The squares are made using a circle folded round the square. Carol had a board with her to show us the different ways the square could be made up. This gives more opportunities for different patterns.

We then got to see some samples that Carol has put together in the past. It shows that there are lots of ways that these squares can be put together.

Even the backs come together to form a pattern which makes the quilt or hanging reversible.

Carol has used them to make bags too. Ideal for carrying your knitting around in. She did say that if you do make a bag make sure it's not for anything heavy.

The good thing about this form of quilting is that it's easier to carry. You are working on one small piece at a time. The only down side is that it uses a lot of fabric so Carol recommends you think about how you cut out you shapes using templates so as to get the most out of your fabric. She also said to hold onto your scraps as they may come in handy.

As I said it was very interesting and I think there are a number of us who are going to try this in the future. It seems more manageable and the end result is very effective.

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