Sunday, 24 July 2011

Gartmore at Home Part1

Saturday we had our Gartmore at home day and I think it's safe to say that it was a success. Much like Gartmore I am going to have to do this in parts. There was so much going on and I have over 30 photo's it would be a shame to bunch it all together. So I thought I would start with some finishes that people brought along.

Valerie came along for the day. It was lovely to see her as she has been recovering from a knee op. As always it hasn't stopped her from working away and she brought along this amazing wall hanging. She has stitched into the main panel which is a beautiful Japanese design. What stand out for me I think is that she has cut into the fabric used at the top and bottom. So effective.

Carol was also back and it was just as lovely to see her too. Especially lovely as she did one of our demos. The item photographed above belongs to Val but Carol stitched it. It's a Victorian thimble holder. Made with fabric, felt and card. We were all impressed.

Alison also had a finish. She knitted this lovely scarf. The yarn looks like a mini version of the pom pom yarn that was so popular last year. It's so soft. Plus Alison wanted to prove that she does knit.

Isobel was also teaching and she kindly made everyone taking part these lovely little pin cushions. They were a big hit. Each one even had some pins and safety pins which were needed for the class.

There is another reason why I wanted to post this in parts. I forgot to mention in the last one that we had another new member on Tuesday. Her name is Anthea and she is originally from South Africa. She is a scrapbooker and even teaches it but on Tuesday she was making little crochet hexagons for a blanket for her daughter. You can find her blog here.


Anonymous said...

Hi guys,

Sorry I couldn't make it yesterday! I spent all day running around after the kids while hubby got some much needed DIY done!

I'll see you again on Tuesday!

Karen said...

That's okay. You did say it would all depend on whether or not you could get another kid free day. There will be other times.