Sunday, 22 January 2012

For Our American Friends

Isabel has just come back from visiting her grandchildren in America. They live in California and the highlight of Isabel's year is going over to visit them. One of the things she looks forward to is working on craft projects with her granddaughter and she always comes back with tales of what they worked on. This time her granddaughter gave her a project and she brought it along to show us.

These hoops were given to Isabel's granddaughter by the Scouts. The kids use them to make hats which are then given to charity.

The yarn is wrapped around the pegs of the hoops. The yarn that has first been wound round the pegs is then pull up over the second winding and over the peg. Much like a knitting nancy only on a much larger scale.

These hats are the end product. Isabel has mixed two different yarns together to make them thicker and give them that lovely speckled look. Apparently these hops can also be used to make scares and shawls too.

Magdalena had another finished project this week. This is a jumper she started working on just before Christmas. It's knitted in a lovely tweed yarn. Love how it has turned out. She is now knitting a jumper for her daughter Suzanna using variegated yarn.

Margaret got this cross stitch kit for her Christmas. She enjoyed it so much she couldn't put it down and two weeks later she had it finished and framed. She is now back to working on an aran jumper for herself.

I am actually more than a little jealous of the person receiving this beautiful crochet hook case. This was stitched by the talented Izzy. I just love the fabric she used to make it. She is now working on a lovely chunky, icelandic style jumper for a friends daughter.

Next meeting we have our first swap night of the year. Something for us to look forward to. We have also begun planning the next Gartmore at home.

We also started our first charity of the year. Looks like this year might be one of mini charities rather than concentrating on just the one. For now Roberta is collecting baby jumpers for her friends church. They are going to orphans in Africa. There is a patter available along with a pattern for a matching hat. They have to be in by the end of February. The only request is that they are not done in white.

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