Friday, 27 January 2012

Swap Night!

Tuesday there we had our swap night. We hold one of these every 4months or so. It's a good way to get rid of craft things we aren't going to use that someone else might want. Plus it's a good way to pick up something we might like. What we don't use goes to a charity shop which Roberta works in. It was mainly paper and scrapbook supplies this time round. Oh, and there are usually a wee pile of fiction books brought along.

We haven't chosen a charity this year. For the last few years one of the group has always requested we make something for a charity with a short deadline. So we thought that this year would be dedicated to lots of these. Our first one was a request from Roberta. A friend is knitting these jumpers for her church and they are then being sent to children in Africa. The patter is simple and quick. The only request is that they not be knitted in white and that any jumpers should be handed in by the end of February. These jumpers were knitted by Roberta, Margaret and Stephanie.

Roberta had a first time finish. Izzy (also pictured) has been teaching Roberta and Alison how to quilt. This is Roberta's finished attempt and it looks beautiful. I love the colourful fabrics. Plus it is backed with fleece which is very effective. Roberta spend the rest of the night working on some crochet.

Margaret also had a finish. She has spent the last few weeks knitting this lovely Aran jumper. With the snow we just got she is going to need it. She is now working on a lighter top in black.

Helen finished a pair of socks that she knitted for herself. She used the same yarn I used for socks knitted before Christmas. She likes the effect but wasn't impressed with the yarn as it was inconsistent in thickness throughout. She is more than half way through knitting a baby blanket for a friend.

I finished these socks too. Unfortunately you can't see the pattern too clearly because of the colour of the yarn. I knitted these for a friends birthday and I started another pair in purple for a friend.

Elaine had a finish at the end of the night. She was knitting this beautiful baby shawl for a friend. It hasn't been blocked yet but this was the only chance we would see it so I took a photo while I could. I love the circular pattern.

We have a Gartmore at home currently being organised, a baby shower and Gartmore itself so there are more events to come.

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