Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Charity Jumpers and a Challenge

Most people have been working on jumpers for charity this week. This is for one of our mini charities that we are doing this year. These jumpers are being collected by a friend of Roberta's and being sent to Africa for babies with aids. The only request is that we don't knit in white since it is the colour of mourning. The first  two were knitted by Caroline. She used solid colours for the borders and variegated yarn for the main body. Looks quite good. The second set was by Margaret. The yellow hat is to go with a jumper she handed over the week before. The last one is by Stephanie. All three had another of these on the pins. We are only collecting these until the end of next month so members are free to suggest another charity.

Magdalena finished the jumper she had been working on the week before. As you can see it was for her daughter Suzanna. It's done in lovely variegated yarn with lots of lovely cables up the front. The colour can be folded over to add warmth. Suzanna loves it so much that she has worn it several times since finished already. Magdalena is now working on a jumper for one of her sons.

We have some planned events over the next few months which I can now announce. We are probably only going to have one challenge this year as so many other things are proving popular. The photo above gives a hint as to what the challenge is going to be. Basically people can make what they want. Anything at all. The only rule is that they can only use odds and ends. Anything left over form previous projects whether it's fabric or yarn. Scraps only. There will be more time to make something this time round as challenge night won't be until the 28th August. There will be the usual two categories of original and adapted but I've added a third category. Since we have three younger members there is now a junior entry.

Our first Gartmore at home has also been organised and we have already filled the day with classes. It will take place on the 17th March. No real theme although I have suggested that if people want they can make it a spring theme. Four classes have been organised. Once again Izzy has offered her services and this time she is teaching us to sew cute little bags. Anthea is going to teach us how to make a scrapbook page. Magdalena has offered two classes. She is going teach a class on how to crochet those delicate doilies plus on how to knit in the European style. Donna is also going to be there that day to offer up emergency crochet help. No specific class, just bring along your crochet woes and she will lend a hand.

The next date also involves our Donna. She announced a few weeks back that she is expecting. I can now announce that her baby shower will take place on the 12th June.

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