Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Member of the Month - Noreen

Noreen agreed to be our Member of the Month, however I was so excited about doing the interview that I forgot  to take her pin up photograph. Sorry ! Noreen will be the person dancing on top of the table because her portrait shot was not published here!

Tell us three things about yourself.     
I am the mother of two girls. One aged 22 years and the other of 19. As you can see I had them when I was very young! I come from Irish parents. Both are from Donegal. Originally, when I left school, I worked as a photographic finisher. That job no longer exists due to digital cameras etc.

Who taught you your first craft?
My Mum taught me to knit and embroider. She had three of a family and did some beautiful things. Someone was always getting a cardigan or a jumper.

What finish are you most proud of?
I knitted both of my daughters Aran cardigans and a woman stopped me in Marks and Spencers to ask me where I'd bought them. I was so proud!

What was your biggest crafting disaster?
I tried to make curtains at one point but me and sewing machines don't mix.They never saw the light of day!

What other crafts do you do?
I make jewellery and I am going to take a class run by Jean to learn learn new techniques. I crochet, just basic stuff, but I would like to learn how to follow a pattern.

List of Favourites -
Favourite yarn or supplies - Pompom wool.
Favourite designs - I love anything to do with babies.
Favourite colours - Pastels. Pinks, blue, yellow.
Favourit shop - I like to look round lots of different shops but I think Hobby craft is my favourite.
Favourite Craft Book - Not one in particular but at the moment I like Peter Pan Collections. I love the wee jackets in it.

What would you like to achieve in the future?
I would love to have a wool shop. Ever since I was fifteen or sixteen I've had this idea of having my own shop.

What do you like to listen to or watch while you are crafting?
I love to watch Real Housewives of Miami and so on or listen to Radio Clyde or Radio 2 chat shows.

What words of wisdom would you give to a beginner?
Keep trying. Don't give up.

What are you working on at the moment?
My cousin's daughter is having a wee girl in April so I'm working on baby things for that.

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