Sunday, 12 January 2014

Sock it to me!

On Tuesday night Karen was very busy with the first session of her sock knitting class for beginners. 
The group of nervous knitters sat at an isolated table where they could concentrate on the intricacy of sock knitting. "Mammy, Daddy" and "Help ma bob" and other forms of expletives were heard from time to time. As luck would have it, we had a surprise visitor that night. None other than The Sock Lady herself, Ginnie Willis. In the early years of the group Ginnie was on a mission to spread the gospel of sock knitting. However, due to work commitments she has been unable to attend. No pressure then ladies, Ginnie is just the goddess of sock knitting. 

Norma has been busy in her wee crafty house again. This lovely cardigan and hat was made for friend.

Margaret knitted this beautiful blue hoodie for a friend and the pink cardigan and yellow pullover were donated to the Hospice shop on Baillieston Main St.

Isabel has really taken to sock knitting recently and completed this pair during the holidays.

Now, Isabel has been truly adventurous with this pair of socks. Very distinctive. I think I may have to attempt something new with the next pair of socks that I do.

I am delighted to say that the lovely Joyce has got back into knitting again. She has been very industrious and donated two bags full of fabulous baby clothes for the Hospice Shop in Baillieston. I took all of the donations along to the shop on Wednesday morning and the shop manager was delighted. Well done to those who contributed.

                                                             Some more of Joyce's beautiful work.

 Fran has been very creative recently, completing this matching scarf and fingerless gloves. The premie blanket and premie hats she made for the Yarnigans charity which is supplying little blankets and hats for premature babies. Some of our members are also members of an on-line crochet group called Yarnigans. Ask Fran or Lisa for more details about the group.

  Karen is also working on the Yarnigans charity and has made these lovely little blankets. Don't ask Karen for info while she she is doing the sock class, she will have her hands full!

I was so impressed with the crochet work that people were doing on a Tuesday night that I resolved to try crochet again in the new year. I have never been terribly comfortable with crochet but this is my latest effort. The blanket is made with double crochet and I may attempt to learn another stitch as time goes by.

Stephanie has really taken to sewing since she retired. These amazing cushions were made with fabric she bought on the internet. Wow! Just my colours! Remember, my birthday is in April, if you have any more of that fabric kicking about......hint.....hint.

In her spare time Stephanie was able to knit this matching set of hat and mitts. Ideal for our weather!

 Carol was delighted to share with us the lovely little premie blankets and hats that she had made. Such beautiful work will be appreciated.

This stunning yellow cardigan with collar was completed by Roberta.

Just a little reminder that the sock knitting class continues on Tuesday. Homework should be completed by then!

Donna has agreed to take a crochet class for beginners after the sock knitting series of lessons end. More information will follow nearer the time.

Norma is a Dry Athlete during the month of January. All money raised is for Cancer Research. All donations welcome.

Lastly, our group charity is the Seafarers charity. We will be knitting hats and balaclavers for the seamen who bring food, fish etc to our shores. As you know, our group tries to support different charities each year and this one was suggested by June. Patterns will be available shortly.

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