Thursday, 19 December 2013

It's a Wrap!

So a few months ago Helen started up giving raffle tickets to people who completed projects. Each month there is a lucky dip and the chance to win a wee prize. Isabel won the November dip but she was away. Back for her last day we re-enacted the moment.

Seriously, the stage is missing a truly great actress. Isabel was delighted to be a winner and was lucky enough to pick out a ball of yarn that will knit up into one of these fancy scarves. Isabel does love a scarf (even if she loses them) so it was good that she picked out something that she would use. Helen was the December winner and picked out a pin cushion.

Janice has been going to quilting classes for a good few weeks now. It's with the class she has been learning to do her large squares to make a quilt for herself. She also learned to make these beautiful glass-stained Christmas hangings. The Christmas tree was the one she was taught in class. As she had some Christmas fabric she decided to make another and designed the stocking herself. Very impressive.

Janice also has a new addition to the family. Her son recently got engaged. Not wanting her to feel left out she has made her future daughter in law this lovely Christmas stocking.

Her son also couldn't be missed out and she made him these Christmas minions. These were actually requested by her son. Love the bells on the tops of the hats.

Norma has been busy working on a commission. A friend of hers asked her to make a crochet bag. The bag was to be done in cotton and Norma isn't a fan of crocheting in cotton. However she managed to get it finished. I think it looks stunning. The lining matches the colours exactly. If her friend isn't happy with it I know a good home which would happily take it in!

Norma seemed to have a finish every five minutes on Tuesday. These beautiful baby blankets are for a friend and she finished them on our last evening. The deep pink is my favourite. The boldness of the pink is set off by the black edging. It makes a nice change from lots of pastels.

Fiona also had a finish. She finished this gorgeous baby blanket for a friends wee boy. The yarn is super soft.  It will make a fabulous blanket but it can also see baby using it as a play matt. I love the little flecks of dark blue throughout.

Helen is making sure that she stays warm this winter. She knitted up this cowl so that she could wrap it beneath her jacket to stay warm. It can also stay on when the jacket comes off. Love the colours! Also it's nice to see Helen knit something for herself for a change.

Margaret has been busy too. Her last cross stitch card was revealed. She stitched this gorgeous owl card for myself. I do love an Owl. I may have to find a wee frame for it once Christmas is over so that I can hang it up next year.

She is also continuing with the baby knits until she uses up all her baby yarn. This is the latest cardigan to be done in the pink. Like the others she has done over the last few weeks, it is for the hospice charity shop.

I have also been busy getting Christmas presents ready. I needed help in thinking up something I could make for friends when Lisa suggested mug cosies. This is what I cam up with. I filled it with hot chocolate and chocolates. Then decorated it with a little cross stitch tag.

I also have the last of our bucket lists. If there is anyone I didn't get round to I apologise. It's been a busy few weeks. Plus there is always next year. This list is longer because I forgot to list some of the previous weeks. The lovely Helen went round asking the question this time as I was giving a little impromptu sock lesson.

Lyn - Learn to knit socks, dye yarn and finish the snowman I started a year ago. Also would like to do more sewing

Fee - learn to do more sewing, taking up knitting without tossing it and finish everything I have started

Fiona - try to move on from blankets and scarves and actually do something I have saved or bookmarked.

Lisa - knit socks, master amagurami

Carol - amagurami

Janice - knit socks and learn to crochet. Finish my quilt

Stephanie - learn to crochet, learn to do applique with Val

Noreen - knit socks and learn to crochet

Norma - learn to knit socks, learn to sew and quilting

Susan - I would love to learn tatting. I've seen it done on TV and I'd love to give it a try.

This post is over a week late but that's us done for the year. We are back on the 7th January. We are having a swap night then so bring any unwanted craft items and you might get inspiration or pick up something you like. I will also be starting sock lessons that night.

Until then I hope everyone has a lovely Christmas and an amazing New Year!!!!!!


Joan Robertson said...

Hiya, happy new year , I have just noticed your comment on my blog, thanks so much, it means a lot, love your stitch and bitch group wished I lived closer , I would be a member

Karen said...

Thanks Joan, yeah, this is the knitting group blog I mentioned on the FTLOY group. Didn't leave a link for this one as I didn't want it to seem like I was advertising. It's a good group though. We have lots of fun. If you are ever in the area you would be more than welcome to come along for the night. x