Friday, 6 December 2013

Christmas Party 2013!

I struggled to decide what to to post first. Should I post our finishes (of which there were a fair few) or should I post about our Christmas party. In the end I got the ladies on our facebook page to vote (I kid you not) and the party won. Fear not though, those finishes will be coming to you in a few days and well worth the wait.

Sadly, I don't think these photo's can convey just how fun a night it was. This was the first one I had made it to in a few years and I am so glad that I didn't miss it. There were a lot of goodies. There was plenty of juice for everyone and two different kinds of banana loaf. The mince meat pies never get eaten which is why we didn't go down the traditional route this year.

Everyone also got a Christmas cracker. I posted this photo as I get complaints regularly that I never post photo's of myself (one of the positive sides of being the lady behind the camera).

Janice had made some ginger wine. Does anyone remember ginger wine? You can see Helen here thoroughly enjoying it.

Everyone also brought along a £5 gift which they then wrapped. If you look in the distance you can see Elaine standing up about to read her Christmas story. Every time she said right or left we had to move the parcels in that direction. It made for a lot of laughter. The imagination behind the story was fantastic. I loved the names of all the Christmas elves. When the story was finished we then opened the parcel that was in front of us. It was amazing just how everyone managed to find lovely gifts for £5. A lot of great gift ideas in there.

As everyone came in the door they also had to guess the buttons in the jar. The person who came closest would win the jar. Yes, I did actually count them all as I filled it. The lovely Aileen won as she guessed that there were 690 buttons. In actually fact there were 672. 630 was the nearest guess after Aileen. Everyone also got a raffle ticket. There were three prizes from that. Aileen was the first to win and she won a knitting kit with chunky yarn. There were a number of choices as to what to knit with it. Elaine was next and she won the t-shirt yarn kit. With that she can crochet a bag. Lastly, Audrey won a knitted bunny kit. Can't wait to see them all knitted (or crocheted) up.

Despite the busy evening there was still a lot of knitting going on. Kudos to everyone who still managed to work on their projects. I think I got two stitches done. You can see more group photo's as you scroll down. It was a good night and I hope that everyone had a good time.

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