Monday, 2 December 2013

Bucket Lists and Festive Knits!

We were back to our usual busy evening last week. Was nice to see so many come along, especially since we finish up soon. Quite a few people were hastily working on projects for Christmas as the time has been flying in.

Helen though, has been steadily working on her quilting. She finished this beautiful stained glass window piece. If you look back to last week Stephanie said that she was never doing another one of these. Helen said the same thing. How long do you think before either of them cave or move onto something even more complex?

While we are all awaiting Christmas, Helen is awaiting another arrival. She knitted up these beautiful cardigans and hats for a friend who is expecting her first baby. The designs are gorgeous!

Roberta has been back into the crochet. She made this beautiful large granny square blanket. I love the fact that it's mainly white with small hints of colour through it. I am hoping that my memory is correct and that she is keeping this for herself. I know I would be keeping it if it was me.

Roberta also knitted up this lovely elf. I feel festive just looking at him. The pattern was from one of this months knitting magazines. I think it's one of Alan Darts patterns (looks like an Alan Dart pattern).

Margaret had some yarn left over from another knitting project. She decided to use it to knit this lovely hat and cardigan set. I love the little apple buttons. They go perfectly with the set. This will be passed on to the hospice charity shop in the new year. Margaret plans to knit a few more items before handing it over.

Elaine has done a first for our group. These festive little jumpers are for dogs! I love a Christmas jumper so I'm not lying when I say that I am jealous of whatever dog gets to wear them. Think the snowflakes are my favourite.

Noreen is working on a project for a neighbours little girl. She is getting a boy doll for her Christmas. Turns out boy dolls clothes are hard to come by. So the lovely Noreen is making some (which will be far superior to shop bought anyway). These adorable dungarees are the first of a few items she plans to knit. I love the wee pocket on the front.

Stephanie picked up this yarn online. She liked the look of it and thought it would make an unusual scarf. It doesn't have a brand name and just comes as you see it in the first photo. Sadly Stephanie spent the entire night trying to unfankle it with the help of the lovely Janice. Even then she still had a bit to go by the end. I am sure though that it will look amazing when knitted up.

It's also that time of year when the Christmas fairs start. Magdalena had her first one on Saturday there and from what I hear it went very well. Elaine and Norma are sharing a table this Saturday (7th December). It will take place at Airdrie Town Hall from 11am to 2pm. So if you want to pick up some special gifts pop along.

I managed to get a few more bucket lists from people too which I will list in a second. Tuesday 3rd December is our Christmas party. There will be prizes, nibbles and a secret Santa game. It's always good fun and I will actually be able to make it along this time. The last time was at our first Christmas party. Should be a good night although busy. We finish up the following week and I will be able to squeeze in our last member of the month interview before we break up. Don't fret though as we are back on the 7th January.

Helen - Next year I plan to learn to crochet so that I can use my shiny new hook. I also want to make mug rugs and to do a bit more Sashiko

Yvonne - I want to learn to crochet, to knit socks and to knit mitts

Roberta - I plan to learn to knit socks and to knit some Santa slippers (slippers with Santa's on them and not slippers for Santa in case you are like me and wondered).

Ally - I plan to finally do something with the James C. Brett mohair that has been lying there for a good few months.

Caroline - Finish Ally's 50th birthday present (Ally's 50th was this year).

Izzi - I would quite like to take a course in millinery. I don't wear hats but I used to enjoy making dolls hats.

Fingers crossed I get more bucket lists from people this week.

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