Tuesday, 10 December 2013

All the Pretties!

This adorable little girl belongs to Lisa. She is modelling a hat that Lisa knitted for her. Sadly none of the photo's I took really shows off the hat. Trust me though, it's lovely. It's done in crochet using variegated yarn (possibly Lisa's own yarn?) and has a pom pom on the end (as all the best hats do).

One of the group also commissioned Lisa to make a crochet hook. She already made R2D2 so it seemed only fitting that C3PO was next. But then, as a Star Wars fan, I am a little biased.

Margaret has been working on some Christmas decorations. She knitted up two elves. One for me and one for herself. It's the same elf that Roberta knitted. Margaret couldn't get the shade of green suggested so picked out a darker one. Again, I love the difference just changing a shade of colour can make. I also love the little tree decorations. Especially the robin.

Audrey emailed this picture to me because these cushions were already heading down to London for her nephews Christmas. A while ago we had show and tell and Audrey had brought a little owl cushion which my camera then lost. This is a bigger version of that owl. Audrey adapted both patterns to make them larger. Love them and probably just as well she wasn't able to bring them in as I might have tried to go home with them.

These are boot liners or boot cuffs. I knitted them up as I had just treated myself to a pair of wellies. A few people were asking me about the yarn. It's by Wendy and is called Roam Fushion. The colourway is called Fosse. It comes in 100g and would be perfect for socks. I got it from John Lewis but I am sure that you could get it online. The pattern was free from ravelry.

This is the lovely radley dog  and was knitted by Roberta. He turned out a little larger than expected but I think he is cute. Roberta also adapted the pattern to suit herself. I love his little dog collar.

Elaine has been preparing for her craft fair and knitted up some of these bags. She used bangles for the handles as Izzi taught about a year or so ago. I love how the different yarns make them look different. The fluffy ones using the eyelash yarn are my favourite. Would have loved one of these when I was a little girl.

Elaine also finished crocheting this beautiful blanket and pillow set. The amount of time that must have went into that and well worth it too. They aren't colours I would have thought to put together and they look amazing. This was well admired by the group.

Another finish we all admired was this beautiful quilted pillow by Linda. Each of these fabrics are from dresses her daughter wore as a baby. Her daughter is now 16 and this makes a fabulous memory piece. It's so pretty too. Such a good idea!

Magdalena is all set for the winter. She finished her cowl/scarf. It looks so lovely on and I love the colours. Very autumn like. I also love the buttons. They all go so well with the colours in the scarf. I love the fact that she used different colours.

Anthea has also been busy but nothing for herself. Everything she made is for Christmas. These hats are all for other people. It's a shame. Not sure I could give them away. Although, I am sure that the people who receive them will love them. I love the crochet flower on the red one.

These were also by Anthea and again are Christmas presents. The scarf is for her husband. Anthea is really getting in to her cables although she hated knitting black (don't blame her). The poncho is being modelled by Magdalena. The amount of time that has went into that. It's especially admirable since Anthea loves colour and doing so much work in grey was difficult. Turned out beautifully though.

I have been dying to see some of Fee's work and it's finally happened. In case you don't know Fee is a silversmith by day. She designs a lot of pieces but as it's for the shop she works for she can't exactly bring it in to let us see. We just get to hear about the wedding rings she designs from her mum, Lyn. Well, she made this lovely heart necklace for Lyn for her birthday. It's such a pretty design. I love the simplicity of it and I'm not surprised that Lyn was wearing it with pride. Beautiful!

Well, we have one more week left before Christmas and we have one more member of the month interview. So look out for that!

I also have a favour to ask on behalf of Fiona. Her sister is taking part in crocheting triangles for bunting. It's for a charity. So if anyone has any spare time after Christmas and would like to crochet something let us know. Fiona is going to give me the pattern so I will send that out after Christmas.

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