Tuesday, 4 February 2014

All About the Colours!



 First of all apologies for the lateness of this post. I have had computer problems. This is being posted from the university library (shhhh, don't tell anyone).

Our seafarers hat charity has gone off to a fantastic start. We had our first balaclava handed in thanks to Margaret. She also posed with it on but I didn't think she would appreciate me posting it. Roberta also got two hats done. She combined the leftovers from previous hats to make these stripey numbers. Think that's a fab idea, it uses up yarn and it makes them slightly more colourful (men like colour too people). Esther also handed in a hat for us. That's 7 hats and one balaclava already.


 Poor Norma had lost her crafting mojo until recently. She just finished this beautiful, hooded baby blanket. It's for a friend who is expecting. I love the stitch style. It almost reminds me of the blocks from tetris. The yarn is also super soft.

Norma's husband has also been busy. You might remember a photo similar to this before. This one was made for one of the ladies in the group who very much appreciated it.

After seeing Lisa's t-shirt rug last year I've been dying to have a go at making my own. I had wanted a red border but I couldn't get the shades of yarn I needed to finish it. So I had to make do with alternative. I'm happy with the outcome but not so happy with the yarn.

I also used some of the leftovers to make this basket. It's a little lopsided mind you but sturdy.

 How beautiful is this blanket? This was made by Stephanie. It's another quilted blanket going to Yorkhill. Some child is going to be delighted with this. I just adore the dinosaur material.


 Our Izzi might not have been well enough to come along to the group as often of late but that doesn't mean she hasn't been doing anything. This beautiful baby blanket is for a friend. The colours go wonderfully together and I love all the different fabrics that are used. So many lovely ones I don't know which is my favourite.

 How fab are these? She also quilted some bibs. Who isn't going to be delighted with them? They are so unique and yet useful too. I love the fact that they use velcro rather than ties.

Last but not least is the lovely dolls blanket. This is made up of little scraps of leftover fabric that have them been quilted onto backing fabric. I love the effect of it. On the evening Izzi was working on another one so we got to see her cutting leftovers and piecing them onto fabric.

Magdalena has got a new range for her stitching rainbow business. I love the fact that she started with quilts (which she still does) but is constantly developing her range. The latest are these notebook covers. I was lucky enough to be able to purchase the one at the bottom. I can't wait to start using it but will have to think of something special for it first. The larger one with the birds went to Isabel who bought it as a gift for a friend who is moving on to a new job.

Anthea has been decorating her youngests room. For a crafter of course, that never just means a lick of paint. You have to think about all the little accessories  that you get to hand make. This beautiful granny square blanket is one of them. I love how the squares were cleverly placed together to produce a gingham effect. 

Meanwhile Anthea has also found a new hobby - Spinning. She brought her spinning wheel along on Tuesday so that we could all see it at work. What you are seeing int he photo is exactly what we saw. A wonderful blur of colour. I imagine it would be quite therapeutic to do.

She also brought some of the yarns she spun. How fab are these? Imagine creating something and being able to say that you not only knitted or crocheted the item but you also spun the yarn to make it.

Our Donna has also been busy making things for little Abigail. She saw a Winnie the Pooh soft book on the internet. It came as a kit and you stitched it yourself. She was dying to have a go and thankfully Caroline was able to find the exact one that she was looking for. This is new even to our group.

She has also been making things for Abigail's room now that they have moved to a bigger house. She has made a few cushion covers but couldn't resist the Winnie the Pooh design. She also stitched a duvet cover. This will look fab when Abigail gets her big girl bed.

These are in progress but I couldn't resist taking some photo's. These are hand stitched nursery rhyme books which Donna got from America. Abigail already has her favourite nursery rhymes. With books like these it would be difficult not to have favourites.

On Tuesday Donna also took names for people wanting to learn to crochet, both beginners and intermediate. If you haven't put your name down please let Donna or myself know with some idea of what stitches or patterns you would like to learn. The sock class is starting to wind down. So hopefully there will soon be dates for when this class starts.

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