Sunday, 30 March 2014

Good things come in Small Quantities!

Every phone should have one! June made a sleeping bag for her phone! And just to prove she is clever, she made a second one for when her phone wanted a change of colour! Such a great idea! I wonder if we could have a display of handmade covers that members have made for their devices. Bring them along and show how well your device is catered for.

Elaine has been busy again knitting a hat for our charity. Blue is definitely my colour. I think we could all have done with woolly hats over the last couple of days.

Sally has got into the swing of charity knitting with this cosy hat. There seems to be a recurring theme here!

Allison likes to complicate matters because she gets bored doing plain patterns. This stylish hat is also for our group charity.

Next week I expect to be inundated with finishes because there were so few pieces of work completed this week. If that is the case, please form an orderly queue and I will try to process things quickly. If not.........I may get to work on some of my own knitting. See you next week.

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