Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Where Did You Get That Hat?

Those lucky Sea-farers will be delighted to tell admirers that their hats came from Glasgow Fort Knit and Natter! June had fun creating this colourful dozen for our group charity that ends next Tuesday night, 24th June. Margaret will draw this event to a close when she does the raffle.

Janice has been really creative by completing Pompoms for Lyn's collection that will join the World Record breaking attempt organised by Kirstie Allthrope. Janice had time to knit one of her famous fairies and Clyde, the mascot for the Commonwealth Games.

As you know Rainbow blankets are in vogue at the moment and this wee cracker was another finish by Janice. The blanket will be donated to the Creche that Janice volunteers at to raise funds.

We had a surprise visitor on Tuesday night, Swati's Mum, Sheila, came along to the group. Sheila arrived from India last week and has come over for the birth of Swati's first child. It is always amazing to see crafts from around the world and we were delight to see the traditional Indian jewellery that Sheila made for Swati to wear at her baby shower on 1st July. The baby shower is shaping up to be a very special occasion.

Izzy is our sewing queen! She is full of great ideas and her latest makes are for the Shoe Box Appeal. Each little bag contains a Teddy, a doll's blanket and two little pillows. They were greatly admired and almost did't make to the charity!

Roberta had another finish for her neice's new grandchild. This lovely crocheted blanket  will be put to good use.

This charming set was knitted by the lovely Esther. The detail is stunning and this will make a fabulous gift.

Just a wee reminder that the Challenge is next week and that the prizes are are terrific. The entry fee this year will be £1.

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