Thursday, 26 June 2014

What a night!

This week saw the conclusion of the Hats for Sea-farers charity knit. The final count was 67 garments, including some balaclavas. A big thank you to all who participated  in this event. I would also like to thank Margaret who organised the collection of hats and the raffle tickets.

Stephanie has created another ripple blanket. This pattern looks great in lots of different colourways.

I tried my hand at crocheting a mandala in cotton. As you know, Crochet is a skill that does not come easily to me, so you can imagine my relief when I finally completed this item. I think I need a little more practice.

Margaret completed this smart v-neck jersey for her husband. It is not very often that Don requests a knitted garment and I bet he will be delighted with this on the cooler evenings.

Jean knitted this marvellous aran jacket for her grand-daughter. There is no dought that she will be delighted with this. I particularly like the little label sewen at the bottom of the garment. "Handknitted by Gran with Love." Lovely touch!

This pretty Pompom blanket was also knitted by Jean. I love these!

Janice donated some more pompoms to the collection being assembled by Lyn for the Kirstie Allsop World Record attempt.

This is just a sample of the pompoms that Lyn has collected so far.

I think we should get Isabel a dressing up box for her impending retirement. This week she was eager to model Janice's uniform as a volunteer for the Commonwealth Games. Janice will be working at the Tollcross International Swimming Pool and will be available for photos and autographs during the games.

Phillis brought along an amazing variety of baby hats that she had knitted. I would like to welcome Phillis to the group and look forward to seeing her other finishes.

Elaine always has something on the go. This week she was proud to display this beautiful baby blanket and a final hat for the Sea-farers charity.

Tuesday was also our Annual Challenge night. The theme this year was Glasgow or the Commonwealth Games. The First Prize in the Adapted category was won by Stephanie with this handsome chap.

The First Prize in the Original Category was won by Elaine with that well known Glasgow icon, The Duke of Wellington complete with his cone!

The runner-up prize was won by Janice with Bonnie and Clyde dolls. Bonnie is resplendent in her volunteers uniform and Clyde is the Commonwealth Games mascot.

Monica and Laura were the judges this year and were amazed with the inventiveness of the participants and the skills required to complete each item.

Last but not least, I would like to show case a great idea by Jemma. How trendy is this pair of trainers! Customized to create a cool look for summer. Love it!

It was such a busy night that we ran out of seats and a couple of our athletic members were relegated to sitting on the floor. Next week will be Swati's baby shower, Lyn would like to remind everyone that this Saturday is the Last Saturday of the Month and you are all welcome to craft in Hobbycraft between 11am and 1pm.

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