Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Classic designs!

Catriona knitted this cute blue romper suit in the Women's Institute 4 ply yarn. This is a really practical and comfortable outfit for a newborn and I have to say it again, it is so CUTE!

Sharon has joined the crochet revolution and was as proud as can be to show off her first ever poncho. Atta girl!

Norma has had fun working this hat and scarf combo in Wendy Duo. The pompom actually comes with the yarn and just one ball of Duo was enough for the whole set.

Isabel admired Magda's poncho when we were at Gartmore and was determined to crochet something similar. This magnificent lap blanket was crocheted in four different shades of King Cole Riot. It may become a gift for Isabel's Grand-daughter. If it were mine, I would be sorry to part with it.

Although there were very few finishes this week everyone at the group were busy crafting and chatting. I actually got time to sit down and do some knitting this week. There was definitely a holiday atmosphere in the room. A little bit of sunshine works wonders!

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