Sunday, 26 April 2015

Craft Day, 25th April 2015

Lisa gave an inspiring talk about how she juggles her day job as a graphic designer in her own company, a mum of three and  mastermind of For the Love of Yarn. It all started with a bout of repetitive strain injury while crocheting....after a little investigation Lisa fell upon the idea of customizing crochet hooks so that they were more comfortable to hold. The hooks were a big success! Then Lisa became frustrated because she was unable to find colours of yarn that inspired her. Being Lisa, she decided to dye her own yarn! The yarn 
idea flew and many crafters wanted their custom colours. Now, Lisa runs yarn clubs that are themed. the boxes include, yarn, matching hook, a pattern, and a free gift.

This is a family business. Lisa designs the hook, the dyeing of yarn, making buttons etc. Husband winds the yarn into yarn cakes etc. Everyone assists with filling the boxes. 

One day, six year old Callum told his Mum that he wanted to make pennies for the sick people. Being a talented boy he began to custom a range of hooks for sale. Lisa is allowed to place them in the oven to set. Callum has his own Face Book page and has raised £2000 for his charity, so far. Four year old, Kayla May creates buttons for Callum's fundraising. Talent clearly runs in the family. I wonder how Miss Bella will shine when she gets older? Watch this space!!!!!

Isabel agreed to organising the catering. She found this amazing table cloth at Aldi and assembled a range of nibbles and drinks. Well done that girl! The gluten free stuff went down a treat.

Izzy completed some dresses for her charity that sends cotton dresses to Africa. Anyone found sitting about doing nothing was asked to sew on some buttons. The dresses will be well appreciated.

Anthea was spinning grey yarn with a silver thread for Magda. This is a big assignment and has to be completed before we go to Garmore.

Elaine is full of good ideas. This time she gave a demonstration on how to make some face scrub which was then scented with lavender or lemon and presented inside a cute jar. Well, that's Christmas sorted!

Alison was crocheting squares together to make a blanket.

Paula was working on these amazing granny squares. I can't wait to see the completed garment!

Donna was working on a sewing kit that was from a Kath Kidson book. She also brought in a quilt she has been working on for her niece.

Janice started the baby bag for her daughter-in-law. Look at the picture! The girl loves Spiderman!

Linda was knitting a baby blanket using Sirdar Squiggle super chunky.

Morag was working on a baby shawl using yarn from poundland.

Jillian was working on her first quilt. The design is taken from a book on Jelly Roll Quilts. I was really taken with the colours.

Caroline has been experimenting with crocheting flowers.

Isabel brought some fabric to be made into a table mat. This is one of her adventures in retirement!

Elaine was working on a knitted corner to corner shawl.

Lisa started a skirt for Kayla May.

Dawn was in the process of doing a blanket.

Patsy was being tutored by Izzy to create this fab quilt top.

A big thank you to everyone who came along and made the day a success.

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