Monday, 6 April 2015

I'm a big fan of Sharon's knits. I really like the flared look of this wee coat and matching hat.....and of course the sparkle just sets it off to perfection.

Stephanie was impressed with the height chart panel that I did a few weeks ago and searched the internet for one for herself. She did a great job of quilting this and had fun doing it.

Stephanie always has a few interesting things on the go. This week she was delighted to complete this beautiful set in a pink sparkle yarn. Zoom in and have a look at the buttons and the eyelash yarn she used on the hat. This outfit is for her BOX!

Catriona has many crafting skills, so it was not a surprise when she was asked to make a purple dance skirt and top outfit for someone. Being very clever she made two different styles. The hooped one is for Samba dancing and the other is for Night Club. I bet you would like to see these being modeled......Norma was desperate to try them on! Needs a few more dancing lessons though.

Lisa is very clever! She dyes yarn and her colours are amazing! This is one of her yarn boxes which you can buy. It has gorgeous yarn, a pattern and other goodies. If you are tempted then speak to Lisa or order from her Facebook page, For The Love Of Yarn.

Paula came up with a novel idea for Easter gifts. In total she made nine  sets but these  two were the only ones remaining. How many people will use this idea next year?

I came across this on Facebook and thought you might find it interesting.

A big thanks to Janice for taking the photographs this week as I was suffering with a cold.
Remember the Craft day on Saturday 25th April. Bring your own lunch.

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