Sunday, 26 July 2015

Quilts Are Us!

Granny Janice has been at it again. This week, Janice, planned ahead. Baby Christopher will need a play mat to lie on, crawl over, investigate shapes and colours etc and this is the result. The fabric was an internet buy and will be well used.

Izzi had time to create a quilt for Nepal. Look at the fleece! Brilliant!

Patsy has really taken to quilting. This quilt is for a cousin who has a significant birthday to celebrate. It will be treasured.

Back to Janice again. This wee cardi had been completed weeks ago and hung around waiting for for buttons. The stylish cardigan will reside in The Box until it is needed!

Norma has had a burst of enthusiasm and brought along am amazing selection of finishes. She saw the idea for the Highland Coos while on holiday and bought some blanks to turn into brooches to sell at a Craft Fair. Can you believe that this vintage doily was on sale for 50p on the internet? Norma could not resist and bought it. Then she framed it to create a gift for a friend.

While in IKEA, Norma bought some coasters. She had no project in mind at that time. Eventually, she decided to create some bunting for a crafty friend. Great idea! Norma's next finish is the granny blanket and matching hat for a craft fair.

Karen had suggested that we make bags for cancer patients to carry around their morphine injectors. Izzi investigated various patterns and made a few bags which were handed into the Beatson. The feedback was very positive so Izzi made some more. Now she is working on a simple pattern for US to try. If you have a sewing machine and would be willing to have a go please let me, Izzi, Stephanie or Janice know. The models showing off the bags are Jemma, Roberta and Isabel.

Our next meeting will be held in M & S Cafe at the Fort on Tuesday 28th July.

Happy crafting!

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