Sunday, 27 September 2015

Autumn Days.

 Kat completed this smokers jacket for her lovely Dad! She used two strands of DK to create a chunky yarn. Kat has no idea how the yarn came into her possession! It was in her stash and had been there for some time. The label said, "Made in Bulgaria!"

 Isabel has been on "Granny Duty" and has been unable to attend the group more often. Not that she is complaining! Isabel is loving every minute she spends with her grandchildren. She had fun making a Twiddlemuff and crocheted a square for Lisa's charity for Sick Kids.

Stephanie made four Beatson bags this week and then adopted some fabric donated by Fran. A big thanks to Fran for bringing in  that lovely fabric. It will be put to good use.

I finally got to the end of this little jacket and hat which will reside in my "box" until it is needed. I've used this pattern several times because it is so practical and easy to do. This time I used some W.I. yarn that had been sitting in my stash.

Roberta knitted her husband a second jumper to keep him cozy during the winter. Lucky man!

I love the look of a ripple blanket and Jill makes it look so easy to do. This one is for a friend's baby.

Linda loves to use up her odds and ends of yarn that have been left over from other projects. This lap blnket is stunning!

Kathleen was just finishing off this pram blanket which caused a big of a stir! She then gave a master class to a wee crowd of crochet enthusiasts on how to do the bpbble stitch using two strands of DK to create chunky. It Looked fab!

Tuesday 29th September we are in M & S Cafe.

Tuesday 6th October is the RED Challenge in the Management Suite.

Fran and Elaine  gave a report of their visit to the Motherwell W.I. They loved it! It is on the third Wednesday of each month.

I end on a sad note this week. Karen's wee Granny ( Margaret's Mum) passed away on Friday morning. She was a lovely lady and a life long crafter. Our thoughts and prayers are with the whole family.

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