Sunday, 20 September 2015

Boho Chic!

Gillian has an eye for fashion. She has been working on this poncho from "Boho Chic" for a couple of weeks, it has been worked in Rowan Brushed Fleece which knits up very quickly.Jillian is certainly ready for winter!

Jemma has settled into the halls of residence at Uni and has been seen around Edinburgh sporting this amazing coat sewn by her mum, Jillian. It is a real confidence booster when other people ask, "Where did you buy your coat?" Clever mum!

Twiddle muffs are in great demand by nurses and families of dementia sufferers. This is a selection of muffs made by Ally,Karin (Work mate of Ally), Izzi, Roberta, and Janice. I still think we should each make one for ourselves, decorated with odds and ends that are meaningful to the individual and kept in a Memory Box. I think it was Isabel who talked about a memory book that listed how you liked your tea, favourite food, favourite movie etc. Just saying! None of us are getting any younger!

Stephanie made two bags for the Beatson with fabric donated by the Village Patchers Quilting group.

This is the first bag donated by one of the ladies at the Village Patchers.

 I completed two bags for the Beatson. Izzi copied our group logo onto sticky labels so that the patients knew who had been thinking of them.

Roberta crocheted squares for Lisa's charity to be made into blankets for Yorkhill.

Fiona has been testing a pattern designed by Phyllis. Oh dear! The C word is getting closer!

Fiona also worked on a slouchy beret for herself but it turned out smaller than expected. Lady Isabella was delighted with the hat. It looks great Fiona!

Norma posted this on Facebook and I thought you might  like a second look.

Saturday 26th is last Saturday of the month for those who meet in Hobbycraft.

Quilt Show in Ingleston is 25th, 26th and Sunday 27th of September.

6th October is the Red Challenge.

Yarndale is soon!

Happy Crafting!

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