Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Baby Shower

As Magdalena is getting closer to the day when her little one will arrive we decided to through her a little baby shower. This is her third baby and her first baby shower. Here you can see Magdalena with a lovely baby cardigan knitted by Helen.

This gorgeous dog is actually made by patchwork and was done by Janette. Some of the squares have colourful elephants on them and some of the colours even match the baby's room. Janette insisted that Magdalena had to name him. After many attempts at trying to get us all to pronounce a Polish name she decided on Gregory.

This lovely cross stitch of little bears was done by Laura. Magdalena said she had always wanted something like this for her children's room. Although she was tempted to keep it for her own. What the photo doesn't show is the lovely vibrant colours.

Here Magdalena is excited by the gift from Ginnie. As Ginnie only knits sock she put together some things that she felt the baby would need and offered to knit him socks when he is a little older. Magdalena was particularly taken with the teething ring as she had forgotten about them herself. She also received a lovely towel from Isabel, something she had also forgotten about.

This Jacket and little booties were knitted by Margaret. Also in the back were another two cardigans, one ideal for the winter and a lacey one.

Unfortunately this is the best photo I got of the lovely patchwork bag made by Val. The fabric inside is printed with teddy bears. It also has some pockets inside, perfect for holding bottles.

Magdalena also received a baby blanker which I knitted for her. No pictures of that I'm afraid so instead we have a close up of the very photogenic Gregory. Magdalena was so excited it was difficult to get pictures of her. She loved everything although I'm not sure how she managed to fit it all into the car.

Some knitting and stitching did actually take place at the knitting group. I will post pics of those later in the week.

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